We have been here for you since 1991

Our company’s goal is a satisfied customer

In order to achieve this goal, we are constantly striving to link innovation with quality products and their production processes in the shortest possible time.

KOVACO is a manufacturing company whose products embody years of experience, modern technology, versatility, efficiency, ecological properties and high quality.

Certification ISO 9001

Establishment of IDČ-KOVAČIC

KOVACO was founded in 1991 under the name IDČ-KOVACO . The name of the company corresponded with the name of the founder Ing. Juraj Kovačič (1940 – 2017). Our company’s founder was an ambitious budding entrepreneur who was constantly looking for ways to make welding easier. From the beginning, he developed processes that improved productivity, precision, ergonomics and safety at work.


The first welding positioners

The first welding positioners were developed in 1991. They were immediately established on the market and were popular in both small and large manufacturing companies. They were supplied to engineering companies throughout Czechoslovakia. The positioners excelled when working with large weldments; above all they ensured the safety and efficiency of work.

1991 – 1994

Innovator in the field of attachments

Expansion of the company by introducing a range of attachments for skid steer loaders and other construction and agricultural machinery. The company introduced the first ever minibackhoe of its kind in Central Europe. The ideology of having two strong production programs has come true, and our company has become a leader and innovator in the Central European market.


Change of business name

The change of the company’s business name from IDČ-KOVAČIČ to KOVACO indicated the transformation of production, the company’s expansion and its orientation towards European and world markets.


Continuous development in production programmes

The company has developed a new kind of welding positioner with programmable axis control. Based on customer demand, KOVACO has come up with new and innovative solutions in its production programs.


The rise of a new generation

Son of Ing. Juraj Kovačič – Ing. Igor Kovačič joins the company as a new partner, making the company a family business. The young generation represented through Ing. Igor Kovačič has helped KOVACO to continue building a successful and prosperous business.


More than 40 attachments in the KOVACO portfolio

With the development of the attachment programme, KOVACO has become a leader in the production and distribution of attachments in Central Europe. KOVACO offers more than 40 different types of attachments for more than 600 different construction and agricultural machines.

2007 – 2014

Development activity of a skid steer electric loader

Through its own development, KOVACO has created a product – the skid steer electric loader and subsequently other products based on electric drive, where the energy source is the battery. The main idea behind the development was modern trends in environmental protection, i.e., the reduction of emissions and the use of these devices in environments where reduced noise levels are required.

2016 – 2020

The company celebrates 30 years in business

KOVACO is celebrating its 30th anniversary and has become a successful constant in the welding positioner and attachment market. Currently, its welding positioners and attachments are exported all over the world.