Cookie Policy

Article I


  1. This website uses cookies to distinguish its visitor (hereinafter referred to as “you” in the relevant grammatical form) from other users. This allows us to improve our website and provide a better browsing experience for individual visitors.
  2. This Cookie Policy describes:
    • the processing of data collected using cookies and similar technologies; and
    • the purposes for which we use these cookies.
  3. For further important information on how personal data collected through this website is processed, please refer to the section referred to as Terms of Use.

Article II


  1. Cookies are small files that are downloaded to a device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) containing a certain amount of information that allows a website to recognise you as a user when you use the website. The Operator uses cookies to examine the effectiveness of the website. Cookies generally do not have any information used to identify individuals, but instead are used to identify the browser on a particular device. In this document, we also use the term cookies to refer to other files that collect information in a similar way (e.g., pixels, beacons, etc.). Based on these files, the website can recognise you:
    • using so-called “session cookies” – during your visit to the website. These are so-called temporary cookies that are automatically deleted when you close your browser. You can set your browser to inform you about the use of cookies. This will ensure transparency in the use of cookies. Important: If you completely exclude the use of cookies, you may not be able to use certain functionalities of our website.
    • using so-called “persistent cookies” – for repeated visits to the website. These persistent cookies can be checked each time you visit the website. The information we collect through the website includes: the browser type, the Internet address from which the website is accessed, the operating system of the device, the IP address of the device. To serve more relevant ads, some cookies are set by third-party advertising systems such as Google Analytics. This can be turned off in your Google Account. It is possible to set your computer to refuse cookies, although in this case it is possible that some features of the website will not work.
  2. So-called “our cookies” are cookies that have been placed on this website by our company.
  3. So-called “third-party cookies” are cookies that are placed on your device by another company when you use our website. Third-party cookies may be placed on your device by someone who provides us with a particular service (for example, Google Analytics).
  4. Third parties do not have access to the data in our cookie files and we cannot access third party cookies.

Article III


On our website, we use the following cookies:

  • Necessary cookies
  • Statistical cookies
  • Marketing cookies
  1. We use cookies for the following purposes:
    • Necessary cookies are cookies without which our website would not function or without which the proper use of this website would not be possible. These cookies are automatically placed on your device and cannot be turned off. Strictly necessary cookies cannot identify you and are only used to ensure that our website is displayed and functions properly.
    • Statistical cookies are used to collect information about how you use our website. Thanks to statistical cookies, we have an overview of the use of our website, which pages have been viewed by how many visitors, etc. With this information, we can optimise our website to best respond to our visitors’ requests.
    • Marketing cookies are used to carry out personalised advertising services. They do not directly store personal data, but are based on the unique identification of your browser and Internet device. We would like to point out that refusing the use of these cookies will not prevent ads from appearing on the website, but they may no longer be relevant to your interests.
    • Social media cookies These cookies collect information about your use of social media for the purpose of creating your profile (without directly storing your personal data, but based on the unique identification of your browser and the device through which you visited the website).
  2. These cookies may also be set through our site by our advertising partners, who may use them to profile your interests and to display relevant advertisements on other sites, subject to the cookie policy available on those partners’ sites as displayed in the advanced cookie storage settings.
  3. This basic Cookie Policy gives you information about the specific cookies used on this website.

Article IV


  1. When you visit our website for the first time, only absolutely necessary cookies are stored on your device. Unless you accept/allow all cookies or select your individual cookie preferences, this setting will not change. For details on how to inspect and delete cookies, please refer to Article VI Inspection and deletion of cookies.
  2. Some of the cookies we use are essential for our website to work. For example, the first time you visit our website, you will see a pop-up message alerting you to our use of cookies.
  3. By clicking the appropriate button in the pop-up window, you consent to our use of essential cookies in the manner described in this basic Cookie Policy. In relation to all other types of cookies we use, we note that these will not be set on your device unless you consent to their use.
  4. If you provide your consent to cookies, you also provide consent to us and the relevant third parties to use the cookies in question to store your personal data in the manner set out in our terms of use and we will only set or read the relevant cookies at the times indicated in the table, which can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link in the pop-up window.
  5. You can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies at any time in order to disable the relevant cookies that are used on the basis of consent. This is done by using the cookie icon in the relevant section of our website. Please note that cookies may remain on your device even after you choose not to use them. For more information on how to remove these files from your device, please see the text below or the support/help tab of your browser.
  6. Withdrawal of your consent to the use of optional cookies also involves withdrawal of your consent to the use of the personal data we collect through these cookies. Please refer to our Terms of Use for further details.

Article V


  1. In this section of the Cookie Policy, we set out how we use personal data collected through cookies used on our website, on what legal grounds and for what purposes.
  2. In the case of a contractual reason for necessary cookies, we may use your personal data to fulfill our contractual obligations under our Terms of Use.
  3. In the case of a legal reason for necessary cookies, we may use your personal data to comply with our legal obligations, in particular, where we are required by law to recognize cookie preferences (for example, to detect when you have turned off all cookies in your browser).
  4. In the case of legitimate interest for necessary cookies, we may use your personal data to operate the website in our legitimate interest where there is no lawful reason for processing it – see above.
  5. In the event that you have given us your consent to performance cookies, functional cookies or marketing cookies, we may use and process your personal data to:
    • get insight and perform analysis to inform of our marketing strategies and to improve your traffic experience;
    • identify and record when you have opened a website;
    • record when they have engaged in electronic communication;
    • evaluate and improve our services to make your visit and use of the website more enjoyable;
    • evaluate the use of the website so that we can provide you with enhanced services;
    • perform quality control, website performance and system administration;
    • track your browser on other websites and profiling your interests so that you see relevant ads on other websites;
    • for security purposes, such as the prevention or detection of fraudulent activity.

Article VI


  1. To disable or opt out of the relevant cookies, you can use the cookie icons in the corner of your device, where you can change the cookie settings at any time. You will probably need to update the page for the setup to work. Once you have disabled or opted out, our website will no longer access or read these cookies.
  2. Various files, scripts, codes or other information relating to cookies may still be stored on the device. You can delete these by deleting cookies and between the browser’s cache using your web browser settings.
  3. Any changes to your web browser settings only apply to that specific web browser. If you use more than one web browser on your device, you’ll need to change the settings separately for each browser and each device.
  4. Further information regarding cookies may be available within the “help” function of your browser or operating system or in the user manual of your device.
  5. To opt out of Google Analytics tracking on all websites, visit
  6. The website provides comprehensive information on how to adjust cookie settings across a range of browsers. Please note that as we are neither the owners nor the operators of this website, we are not responsible for its content.
  7. Please be advised that if you disable essential cookies (or all cookies) using your web browser settings, one or more of the basic functions of this website, including those designed to ensure a safe visit, may not function properly or at all.
  8. Please be advised that if you refuse or withdraw your consent to the use of any non-essential cookies or related personal data, the corresponding function or feature of this website may not function properly or at all. The use of the basic functions and functionality of the website will not be affected.

Article VII


  1. Clicking on the Cookie Details link on the banner will take you to a list of the main cookies we use on our site, as well as information about the purpose of their use, which can be found in the Cookie Details table.
  2. As part of our business, we use and work with a number of third party suppliers and partners who set or read cookies on our website, over which we have no control. We recommend that you check the privacy policy of the relevant third party, even though we provide a summary of the third party cookies used in the Cookie Details table.
  3. Third-party cookies used in connection with our website include:
    • Necessary cookies These are cookies that are essential for the functioning of our website.
    • Performance cookies We use cookies to help us collect information that allows us to analyse web traffic on our website. The information collected through cookies, which are anonymous, is sent to a third party that operates analytical tools that we use to analyse the information collected and to improve the performance of the site.
    • Functional cookies We use cookies to improve the functionality and security of the website, including remembering your preferences and managing site performance.
    • Marketing cookies These cookies are set through our website by our marketing partners and are used to profile your interests and serve relevant ads on other websites. They do not directly store personal data, but are based on the unique identification of your browser and Internet device.

Article VIII


  1. Some e-mails sent by our company may contain a pixel tag, web beacon, transparent image or tracked links that allow us to know when you opened the e-mail and to verify which links in the e-mail you visited. With this information, we can find out which parts of our e-mails are the most interesting.
  2. By deleting the e-mail, you can also remove the pixel label. If you do not wish to download a pixel to your computer or other device, you can ensure this by selecting to receive e-mails in plain text format, or by not opening images in the e-mail.
  3. To unsubscribe from our mailing list, you can use our contact e-mail address listed in the Terms of Use.

Article IX


  1. At any time, this basic Cookie Policy may be changed by our company by sending an e-mail with the amended provisions or by posting them on our website.
  2. Any changes will take effect 7 days after the date of the e-mail sent pursuant to the preceding paragraph or the date of posting of the modified provisions on the website, whichever is earlier.
  3. If you have any questions or require further information about cookies or the processing of personal data, please contact us using the contact details provided in our Terms of Use.

Updated on 1 April 2023.